Special Workshops


Government by Elihu Vedder. Center panel, above Main Reading Room doors.
Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs


Special workshops are collections of papers prepared in advance at the instigation of a workshop chair. These are forums for discussion, rather than merely for the reading of papers. It is thus advisable that the chairs of special workshops should establish early deadlines for the submission of papers to be discussed, so that all participants may have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with each others papers before the workshop begins. The papers will be distributed by the workshop’s chair among those wishing to participate. At the workshop, each presenter will briefly introduce his or her paper, as a basis for discussion. The final decision on details of the meeting belongs to the chair.

Workshops should as much as possible relate to the conference theme of “Law, Reason, and Emotion”.

All Special Workshops will take place from 14:30 – 18:30, with a coffee break available from 16:30-17:00. 

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