Academic Program Addendum

Law, Reason, and Emotion

Please see below the following additions to the printed program. If you do not see your information here, please alert the Secretariat.

WG #27 will meet on Friday in McDonough 588, beginning 9:30am.

SW The Force of the Law will additionally meet on Tuesday morning, beginning at 9:30am.

SW Public Health Surveillance, Fear, and Use of the Law will only meet on Thursday. The Tuesday session is cancelled.

SW Emotions and Justice: The Topos of the Commitment will additionally meet on Friday at 2pm.

SW Cassirer: State, Reason and Emotion will begin at its regularly scheduled time of 2:30pm, instead of starting early at 11am.

Lucia Corso should be listed as a co-author on the paper, “Nemesis and Legal Reasoning,” with Daniela Bonnano in the SW Aristotle Law and Emotion.

Piotr Bystranowski is presenting a paper on Efficiency and Legitimacy of Private Particularization of Legal Standards: The Case of Sexual Harassment in WG #21.

Sari Kisilevsky is presenting a paper on “Kant’s Freedom as Independence” in WG #25.

Carlos Costa is presenting a paper on Law, Reason, and Interpretive Approaches: The Role of “Point of View” in Reconstructing Legal Rationality in WG #8.

Raúl Madrid’s presentation on On the Existence of the Right to Academic Freedom in Scholastic University will now take place in WG #16 instead of WG #22.

Sari Roman-Lagerspetz’s presentation on Democracy and Distrust will take place in WG #1.

João Amadeus Alves dos Santos is presenting a paper on A Rhetorical Analysis on Miguel Reale: The Influence of His Eclecticism in the Brazilian Civil Code of 2002 Elaboration in WG #9.

Frederick Kellogg is presenting a paper on Oliver Wendell Holmes, Paul Feyerabend, and Critical Legal Studies in WG #20 on Tuesday.

Steven Starke is presenting a paper on Justifying Just War Theory via Calulatus Eliminatus in WG #28 on Friday.

Renato Cesar Cardosa will be presenting his paper “Was Schopenhauer a Neuroscientist? Reflections on Neurolaw” in WG #11.

Miquel Angel Lopez Munoz is presenting his paper “The Legal Guardianship of Blasphemy” in WG #2.

Marius Bunceanu is presenting his paper, “The Elements and the Manner of Constituting the Norm of Law,” in WG #14. In the program, Mihai Badescu is listed as the author of this paper.

Gerson Leitede Moraes is presenting his paper, “The Right of Resistance and Tyrannicide in Calvinism” in WG#16 and not in WG #1, as listed on the Working Group page of the website.

Melissa Beth Hezel is presenting her paper The De Minimis Defense: A Problematic Defense for Classification in WG #10.

Cicero Krupp da Luz will present his paper History and Archive, Evolution and Memory: the Question of Social Regression in Luhmann and Foucault in WG #16.

An additional tour at the Library of Congress has been added for 12:30pm, Wednesday July 29. Please meet at the Library of Congress for this tour and wear your badge.

Isaac José da Silva will present his paper, “The importance of politics and the law according to Hannah Arendt in the consolidation of Human Rights and the Right to have Rights,” in WG #29.

José-Antonio Santos appears on pages 68, 78, and 128 of the printed program. The index incorrectly has him listed as “Santos, José-Antônio” and only appearing on page 128.


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